• We approach our treatment delivery not only with our patient at the forefront, but being conscientious of the environment also.
  • Our office is completely computerized, which allows us to generate less paper. The paper we do utilize or receive from other sources is recycled with an outside vendor.
  • Another area that supports our green philosophy is our digital x-ray capabilities. There is 90% less radiation generated, no chemical used in the process, and no lead liners to dispose of.
  • We exceed current Pennsylvania EPA standards with our waste removal system, preventing mercury from entering the environment.
  • Recycle! We recycle plastic at our office, just as we do at our homes. Items such as ink cartridges and office magazines are recycled with local charitable fund raising programs.
  • We offer metal-free and mercury-free restorative options to all patients.
  • Whether it is large technical equipment, or just the small day to day items, we are conscientious at Fox Dental to make green choices where we can to do our part in protecting the environment for future generations.