"I am writing for my husband and I, as often happens after 66 years of marriage. At our ages we have frequented many dental offices; we have never encountered a dentist with more compassion and gentleness as Dr. Fox. This is carried over to her assistants and the lovely gals at the front desk who call to remind us of our appointments. We are very satisfied with Dr. Fox's work and know we are in good hands when we are in her chairs." ~ June and Ernie

"Dr. Fox and the entire team at Fox Dental are highly qualified, caring, sensitive professionals in the field of oral health. The care I receive from each one of them is pleasant, gentle, and thorough...." ~ Joan

"Welcome is more than a word at my dentist.... From the first time I walked into Dr. Fox's office I felt welcome to be there. The office staff is freidnly and very helpful, the dental staff makes you feel comfortable as they explain what your procedure will consist of. And the most impressive appointment for me was the appointment that I did not "need" to see the dentist... but Dr. Fox still came into the room and sat down just to say Hi and wish me a good day. That's why I feel wecome at my dentist!" ~ Rob

"As a patient at Fox Dental, I would like to say that all their services are impeccable. I was treated with kindness, understanding, and professionalism. My dentist and her team thoroughly discussed the disposition of my case with me before starting any procedure and I felt completely comfortable before any work was started. I not only had the basic care to maintain good health for my teeth, I also had some cosmetic work done, and the results are amazing. I am a business person and a great smile is very important. I am extremely pleased with my results. I would recommend Fox Dental for both long term care and for any emergency or other dental work that anyone may need. I will continue to visit my dentist regularly and I'm glad Fox Dental is available for my needs." ~ Robert

"Dental results with an overabundance of smiles, genuine caring, and over the top results! Since coming to Fox Dental, I must say I have never experienced before in my life such truly caring, competent individuals that are efficient, helpful, patient, and just downright EXCELLENT! I have gone to many professionals in the area and I just can not top Fox Dental. Truly blessed people who do the best job ever possible with YOU totally in mind. When you are in the chari, you feel like you are the most important person in the world. I just can't say enough good things about Fox Dental..." ~ Donna

"From the first time I stopped into Fox Dental and ask some questions - I was impressed. The staff was extremely professional, helpful, accommodating, and friendly. The office is comfortable and efficient. Our oral care has been thorough, pain free, and state of the art. Dr. Fox listens actively to concerns and is patient with questions. When I had a question about a health concern about a visitor from out of the country, they couldn't have been more helpful. I am always greeted immediately and taken in for my appointment promptly. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Fox and her team to others." ~ Wanda

"I have friends tell me I have a million dollar smile, and I owe it all to Dr. Fox! I now love to smile, feel good about myself, and have never been happier. Thank you!" ~ Renee